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Miami's best party boat


Reservation deposits will be applied towards your purchase. Balance will be due upon arrival

Depart at scheduled time. Any late arrivals, No Shows, or change in amount of jet skis reserved will NOT be refunded. If you wish to re- scheduled or cancel  our reservation please call in advance (24 hours). If not reservation deposit will not be refunded, and no re-scheduling allowed.


Clients who make a reservation the same day accept that there are NO REFUNDS, NO CANCELLATIONS, NO RE-SCHEDULING. A new reservation must be made, and paid. This policy applies to all of our services.



We will communicate with all our customers providing a rescheduling opportunity. A full refund will be issued if customer can not reschedule. In the event that there is just a small passing shower or light rain, we will wait 15 minutes. If rain stops we will commence activity as scheduled.

Please note: We will make decisions based on weather in OUR AREA

Weather that is not appropriate in another area or cloudy skies with no rain or thunder, will not be means for cancellation. Cancellation policy still applies to reservation.


BJM Rental has a 5 star Tripadvisor traveler rating and is also rated #1 for Water Sports in Miami, FL.

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