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Flyboard Rentals

Try Something New With Flyboard Rentals!

Riding on a jet ski is fun, but sometimes you'll want an even punchier experience on the water. This is where our Flyboard rentals come in. These devices bolt onto personal watercraft, and allow one user to ride them – while standing – as the jet ski's driver controls the craft. The Flyboard's position puts the rider high above the water, giving an effect more akin to "flying" than simply sitting and riding. Since you're standing as you use the Flyboard, this effect is highly magnified.

The height of the Flyboard also changes as you ride, thanks to jets of water that are pumped from a location near the rider's feet. You'll get an unforgettable ride thanks to this!

Since this activity generates plenty of dramatic scenes, you should consider adding our photo/video package for just $19.99 per jet ski and flyboard rented. This will give you unbelievable footage from your Flyboard rentals to show all of your friends and family when you get back home from your Miami vacation.


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