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The Best Miami Experiences

Miami is a lively city with many fun opportunities. Miami is a peninsula and has many beautiful beaches. If you come to Miami, most of the nightlife and social events take place around one of Miami's crystal clear beaches. Fun in the sun doesn’t have to stop on the beach. You can take the party out to sea, with a jet ski, boat, or fly board rental. If you're looking to enjoy the best Miami experiences, then you need to utilize the services at BJM Rentals & 305 Party Boat. With BJM Rentals, you and your friends can party and have fun on the water. Visit this website to book a rental for your vacation today.

Fun Miami Experiences

Whether you’re a tourist or a resident of Florida, it’s always exciting to get out on the water. There are plenty of things to do in Miami. There is a lot of good food, entertainment as well as a lively beach scene. People flock to Miami for the beaches, beautiful people, and good times. If you are in Miami for vacation or a staycation, you should consider renting a boat, fly board, or jet ski, in order to let loose and experience something exciting.

Jet Ski Experience

If you have yet to ride a jet ski, you should consider it when visiting Miami. There is no better place to do this. Jet skis are an extremely fun and safe way to experience speed and freedom beyond the waves. Jet skis can be compared to speed boats and motorcycles. These vehicles are typically driven one or two at a time and have the ability to travel at high speeds. To ride a jet ski in Miami, you would need to pass a temporary boater test or be above a certain age.

Flyboard Experience

If you like jet skiing but want an even more thrilling experience, you may want to consider renting a fly board. A fly board is a craft that is connected to the back of a jet ski. The beauty of this craft is the fact that it can make you feel like you are flying. The speed of the jet ski will lift the fly board above the ground, while the jet ski rider directs it. The fly board typically only has one person on it at a time. This is an epic experience like no other.

Boat Rental

For the best Miami experience, you and a group of friends should rent a boat from BJM Rentals + 305 Party Boat. This boat rental comes with a myriad of amenities that you can take all the way to a private island. The boat comes with a cooler, ice, and water. It also comes equipped with a water toy for fun in the sun and two jet skis. For even more enjoyment, it is recommended you bring along food and other beverages.

If you are looking for fun and exciting experiences in Miami, run over to BJM Rentals & 305 Party Boat to book your rentals today.

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